Energy systems all over the world must undergo profound change to enable the transition to a zero carbon grid. The cost of wind and solar power continues to fall. However, integrating ever greater amounts of intermittent generation at the same time that we are electrifying heat and transport is increasingly complex and costly.


Kaluza has developed the technology that will enable the coordination and control of millions of connected devices, creating a fully distributed energy system and 100% penetration of renewable power. Kaluza’s mission is to securely connect all devices to an intelligent zero carbon grid whilst empowering the customer and supporting the grid with untapped flexibility.

Kaluza in the Real World


Technology Solutions

Kaluza optimises the behaviour of electric vehicle chargers, smart heaters and domestic energy storage systems.

Our Technology Solutions

Electric vehicles
smart heating
Domestic energy storage

Who we work with

Collaborating with key stakeholders in the energy ecosystem to create low carbon solutions and exciting propositions for device users.

Who we work with

Grid & Network Operators
Energy Suppliers
Device Manufacturers


Recognised for our excellence in smart technology and innovation


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