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Kaluza was created to solve the challenge faced by grid operators, energy suppliers and device manufacturers, of integrating millions of energy intensive appliances including electric vehicles and electric heating onto the grid.

An OVO Group company, Kaluza is an intelligent energy platform that introduces new flexibility into the energy system by optimising individual devices to use energy during off-peak hours, when costs and carbon intensity is lower.

Supporting the global transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy, Kaluza’s mission is to securely connect all devices to an intelligent zero carbon grid.


We always look for a better way, whether that’s by delivering a better service, employing brilliant people or improving our products and processes

Simple solutions aren’t quick or easy to find. They take time and tenacity. Our people work to find an answer that helps us ‘build something great’

Being open, honest and fair is one of the values which applies to everything we do. We take pride in talking to our customers and delivering exceptional work

Our Leadership team


October 2019

Kaluza and Powervault partner to intelligently balance the grid through home storage

October 2019

OVO invests in clean energy marketplace Renewable Exchange

September 2019

OVO Group announces it has successfully launched and is now supplying energy to households in France

June 2019

Kaluza and sonnen partner to unlock energy flexibility

March 2019

Energy blockchain pioneer Electron receives investment from Kaluza

February 2019

Kaluza is formed as Mitsubishi Corporation buys 20% stake of OVO Group

October 2018

OVO acquires German energy supplier 4 hundred

August 2017

OVO invest in Indra Renewable Technologies

April 2017

OVO acquires car charging experts ChargedEV to bolster sales and installation services

July 2017

OVO commence their partnership with Corgi HomeHeat

February 2017

OVO acquires the smart platform VCHARGE

April 2016

OVO achieved installation of 100,000 home Smart Meters

January 2016

OVO pioneered Domestic Half-Hourly Settlement


We want to move even faster to create a world without carbon. We are calling our new direction Plan Zero.

Plan Zero is our response to the climate crisis, based on a thorough assessment of our own carbon footprint and the recognition that change starts at home. It sets out how we will start to transform our entire business in order to help drive progress toward zero carbon living.

Through Plan Zero, we commit to achieving net zero carbon emissions across our own operations by 2030. We will lead by example and, in so doing, hope to earn the respect and trust of our communities.

We will mobilise our customers to form a zero carbon community, helping them halve their total lifestyle carbon emissions and eliminate their household emissions completely by 2030. We will enable them all to be active participants in a newer, more resilient, flexible and intelligent grid and to play their part in transitioning to a zero carbon world.

Finally, we commit to tirelessly advocating for a transition to a zero carbon world that does not leave the poorest behind. We will work together with government, regulators, businesses and other organisations to ensure we are creating a fair new energy system where everyone in society shares in the benefits of our collective progress.

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Integrated Partnerships

Whether you are a car manufacturer, a smart device manufacturer, an energy supplier or a network operator, we are keen to partner with you to shape the future of energy. 

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