Kaluza leading the way with domestic Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) optimisation

Posted: 15 Jul 2019

The world's largest domestic Vehicle
to-Grid project






2 year project (2018-2020)


£5m project with £3m funding from Innovate UK


Validate the technical and commercial potential for a domestic V2G charging solution


300+ V2G Units installed and connected to Kaluza flexibility platform

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Project Sciurus is part of the UK’s Vehicle-to-Grid competition, funded by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) and the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), in partnership with Innovate UK.

Integrated onto an intelligent platform, V2G technology can alleviate grid stress by enabling operators to tap into the inherent flexibility of millions of electric vehicles, creating a giant smart battery at the residential level. As well as accelerating decarbonisation, V2G will enable considerable cost savings on network reinforcements.

Not only will it save customers money off their energy bills by enabling them to buy energy when prices are low, but will empower them to make a profit by selling surplus energy back to the grid – transforming homes into mini power stations.

Project Stakeholders


By 2030

Annual global EV production will be at 20 million

Unlock 25GW of energy

with 4.7 million V2G enabled EVs

Save up to £3.5bn

The use of Intelligent charging of electric vehicles


Project Sciurus is the world’s largest domestic V2G roll out. 300+ chargers will be supplied and installed, at no cost to the customer, with the aim to validate the technical and commercial potential for a domestic V2G charging solution capable of providing flexibility services to electricity networks and bring added benefits to the device user.

We are delighted to win the Innovate UK grant and collaborate with such innovative partners to develop this new and exciting technology that will help balance the grid. By developing vehicle-to-grid technology we’re taking smart charging one step further, enabling drivers of electric vehicles to sell energy back to the grid at peak times. This in turn will help to balance the grid and maximise the use of renewables in the energy system.

— Tom Pakenham, Director of Electric Vehicles

Kaluza Optimisation

The first project of its kind, all hardware and software components are developed from scratch. Indra Renewable Technologies, Kaluza’s manufacturing partner, have built a revolutionary wall-mounted domestic V2G charger. Integrated with Kaluza intelligence, the flexibility platform receives live signals from the grid and optimises charging so that energy is bought at times when cost and carbon levels are low, while ensuring that vehicles are ready by the time scheduled by the electric vehicle drivers, through our web-app.



The project’s energy supplier partner, OVO Energy, has developed innovative customer propositions for V2G in tandem with their bespoke electric vehicle tariff ‘EV Everywhere’ – Encouraging early adopters to participate in the trial.

OVO Energy will pay customers 30p per kWh sold back to the grid, saving some customers approximately £500 a year on their energy bill, potentially allowing them to drive their car for free. With Kaluza integrated across 300+ V2G units, grid operators can harness new flexibility to offset demand peaks and generate more renewable energy that can be dynamically stored across a more distributed ecosystem.

To take part, charger recipients must drive a Nissan Leaf and be or become an OVO Energy customer. Results of the project will be published on completion in 2020.

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