18 Dec 2020

Current± Predicts: The energy transition in 2021, part three

08 Dec 2020

How to turn your home into a power station

20 Nov 2020

Fiat brings time-sensitive smart charging to 500 EV with new partnership

19 Nov 2020

Fiat teams up with Kaluza to design smart EV charging service

16 Nov 2020

Ovo, Shell Unit to Turn Spanish Homes into Virtual Power Plants

02 Nov 2020

How AI and machine learning can support the renewable energy transition

02 Nov 2020

WPD launches domestic flexibility pilot Sustain-H

27 Oct 2020

Kaluza and Bosch tout direct-to-car smart EV charging system

27 Oct 2020

Kaluza and Bosch Team up on ‘Direct-to-Car’ Smart Charging

27 Oct 2020

Kaluza and Bosch demonstrate grid balancing through direct-to-car smart charging

22 Oct 2020

£2.5 billion savings could come from AI-powered smart homes

20 Oct 2020

Muirake to provide new grid balancing service

20 Oct 2020

Kaluza works with Scottish wind farm to provide flexibility with new ODFM service

20 Oct 2020

Kaluza bids Scottish wind into Optional Downward Flexibility Management service

24 Aug 2020

Kaluza launches combined flexibility service with WPD

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