Our web-app gives you control over your smart devices whilst offering a number of clever features;

  • Set a charging schedule
  • Override schedule for full power when you need it
  • See energy consumed and your carbon savings
  • Select smart charging mode




Simply put in your device requirements into our web-app and our platform will do the rest, giving you peace of mind.

Remote control
View and control your connected devices anytime, anywhere.
Set schedules to manage your smart devices.
Track, manage & save
Monitor and track your device performances.
Support a greener grid
Automatically charge when electricity is more likely to be from renewable sources.


Car FAQs

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What if I need my car sooner than I thought?

No problem. There is a Boost button on your charger and in the web-app, that allows you to override your charging schedule and deliver maximum charging power, so your car is ready ASAP. Just remember that when you override your charging schedule, you’ll be giving less support to renewables on the grid, and may miss out on a chance to save energy on your electricity bill.

What if I change my electric car?

Our smart charger is programmed to work best with the electric car you had when you bought the charger. If you’ve changed your car, let us know by sending an email to We’ll try to make the update as quickly as we can, but in the meantime, we recommend that you charge in Boost mode to ensure your car charges fully. Please note - The Vehicle-to-Grid charger is only compatible with Nissan LEAFs with a battery capacity of 30 kWh or greater.

Is it ok to charge other peoples electric cars?

No problem, although we’d recommend charging in Boost Mode, as the Kaluza platform will work best with the electric car you had when you bought the charger. Please note - The Vehicle-to-Grid charger is optimised for the car you signed up with so should not be used with someone else's electric car. For more information visit more details:


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When do I get paid for exporting electricity via my V2G device?

OVO, as your energy supplier, will pay you a credit for any exported energy (per kWh) as part of your monthly bill. Please see clause 8 of the terms and conditions for more details:

How can I make the most of energy savings from my device?

Kaluza will intelligently charge/discharge your car battery in a way that saves you money on your energy bill and supports the electricity grid. This typically means we will try to export energy from your car at peak times, which usually fall between 4pm and 7pm. To maximise savings on your bill, ensure your car is plugged in with sufficient charge at these times, and avoid using Boost Mode during these times.

How much have I spent on charging my car?

Charging with a Vehicle-to-Grid charger will cost the same as charging with a normal home charge point. However, you may see that the charger has imported a lot more energy than you used for driving your car. The cost of this energy will be reimbursed in your next monthly bill from OVO.

Do I need my device to be connected to the internet?

You'll need to keep the charger connected to the internet to get the full functionality of the Kaluza web-app, including the dashboard that shows how quickly your car is charging. The accuracy of information on the History page could be impacted if your charger has been offline.

What happens if I lose internet connectivity?

If this happens, your charger will charge your car at the maximum possible rate (similar to the way non-smart chargers operate). Once your internet is back up, your charger should automatically attempt to reconnect with Kaluza. If the web-app is still showing a connection error after an hour, please try turning your charger off, waiting 30 seconds and turning it back on again.

What if I change internet provider or my router?

No worries, just make sure you connect your new router to the charger, in the same way that your old one was connected


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How does the web-app work?

The web-app lets you set your charging schedule, and choose whether to charge in vehicle-to-grid mode or in Boost mode. Kaluza mode selects a charging/discharging programme to best suit your needs, while also helping to promote renewables and reduce CO2 on the grid. Boost mode purely exists to charge your car as quickly as possible. The web-app also shows you real-time and historical information about each charging session.

How does the schedule work?

You tell us when you want your car charged. Then Kaluza will use this info, along with data about both your battery’s capacity, and national energy demand, to ensure your car charges at the rates and times that will best support renewable energy on the grid – and reduce CO2 emissions.

What if I change energy provider?

Your web-app can control your charger regardless of which energy supplier you’re with. But if your energy supplier sold you (or gave you) this charger, you might want to double check your terms and conditions to understand if there are implications to switching away from them. Please note: If you have a V2G device and switch your supplier to a different supplier, we'll no longer be able to supply you with electricity or control your charger as part of the trial and you'll need to get in touch with us to discuss your options. Please see clause 11 of the terms and conditions for more details:

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