Kaluza and Glen Dimplex announce partnership to drive the decarbonisation of heating

Posted: 28 Feb 2019

Kaluza today announces its partnership with Glen Dimplex Heating and Ventilation, the world’s largest manufacturer of electrical heating appliances.

London 28 February 2019

The Kaluza platform provides connections to a range of IoT enabled assets from our portfolio of world-leading hardware partners. It receives telemetry from these devices, forecasts a future state of the energy system and combines that with customer information to simulate various charging paths that the assets can take. Finally the optimised control decisions are dispatched to the individual asset.


As part of a series of strategic partnerships, OVO will join forces with Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation, the world’s largest manufacturer of electrical heating appliances.


The partnership involves the integration of Kaluza, OVO’s intelligent energy platform, with Dimplex Quantum high heat retention storage heaters to unlock in-built flexibility and shift consumption.


Overcoming the challenge of decarbonising heat is crucial if the UK is to reduce its carbon emissions. Previous analysis by Imperial College London and OVO found that smart electric heat could reduce the cost of decarbonising heat by up to £3.9billion a year.

London 28th February 2019

Delivering on its ambitions to drive the decarbonisation of heat and transport, the announcement marks one in a series of upcoming partnerships for the OVO Group with industry leading hardware manufacturers.

The electrification of heat is one of the biggest challenges facing the UK in its efforts to decarbonise. Heating in the UK is responsible 25% of emissions.

Renewable energy is rapidly transforming the power sector, but the way we heat our homes hasn’t changed in decades. Decarbonising heat is an enormously complex challenge that will require technology innovation, new regulation and creative partnerships.

We are delighted that Kaluza is partnering with Glen Dimplex, the market leaders in electric heating, and combine our technologies to take a significant step forward to decarbonising heat.”

— Stephen Fitzpatrick, CEO and Founder

There are 1.7m homes with electric storage heating in the UK, representing a combined peak capacity of 12GW, representing the largest grid-connected storage asset in the UK. The ability to use this capacity intelligently, as a flexible energy source, can lower the cost of electrification. This is because more efficient use of energy through storage at times of excess generation reduces the need for back-up generation and excess investment to reinforce and expand the energy network. Analysis by Imperial College London has shown that using flexible smart electric heat could cut the cost of decarbonisation by £3.9 billion a year, amounting to approximately £394 per participating household per year.

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