Kaluza Wins Innovation Award for Intelligent Energy Platform

Posted: 27 Sep 2019

London Friday, 27th September 2019 – Kaluza, OVO Group’s intelligent energy platform, picked up the prize for ‘Best Innovation in Electricity’ at the UK Energy Innovation Awards ceremony in Liverpool last night.


Adjudicated by a panel of experts from across the industry including network and grid operators, Kaluza was commended for tackling key challenges surrounding the transition to a zero carbon grid, through an impressive digital solution. 


Kaluza is one of the world’s first intelligent energy platforms that responds in real time to the grid’s energy supply and demand balance, wholesale prices and weather data, optimising the energy use of single devices, including home heating systems and electric cars. Connecting and controlling these devices at scale, the technology creates flexibility to help push demand away from peak times, whilst meeting consumer needs and reducing carbon emissions.


Yoann Martin, Director of Product and Engineering at Kaluza, commented: “Winning this prestigious award for innovation is testament to the genuine intelligence and scalability of the Kaluza platform. We have a rapidly-growing team working on developing the platform every day and it has been incredible to see the momentum ramping up in the last few months. This is an exciting moment for Kaluza, the future grid, and for people in their homes looking to save money and reduce their carbon footprint.”


About Kaluza

Kaluza is an intelligent energy platform able to connect and control millions of smart devices across people’s homes, such as electric vehicles, heaters and batteries. The machine learning platform introduces new flexibility into the energy system by optimising individual devices to use energy during off-peak hours, when costs and carbon are lower. An OVO Group company, Kaluza operates end-to-end, providing software, hardware and in-home installation services to a range of partners and is driving the global transition to a distributed and secure, zero-carbon grid. 

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