Kaluza is an intelligent energy platform with the ability to connect and control millions of smart domestic devices to enhance the energy system with untapped flexibility.

Kaluza uses AI and machine learning to optimise smart devices by analysing consumer behaviours and real-time signals including grid supply, weather and pricing data to activate storage systems and chargers. Exercising this control at scale, Kaluza creates vast amounts of flexibility to help alleviate grid pressures at peak times.


Kaluza securely connects to a range of smart devices and determines the amount of flexibility available to help balance the grid. 


Capable of remotely controlling millions of widely-distributed devices, Kaluza controls their behaviour in response to consumer demand, real-time energy supply, pricing and weather data.


By aggregating connected devices at scale, Kaluza supports the grid by creating flexibility for network operators during off-peak hours, reducing the price of energy for device owners and cutting carbon emissions.

How it works


Recognises patterns of consumer behaviour and interconnected devices. It can accurately predict energy demand, reserve power and available storage capacity from individual homes at scale.


Enables responses to changes in available generation, weather data and market pricing to automatically stabilise the grid in real time.


Supports the modelling of user preferences, future energy costs and battery degradation to best support the grid and create customer value.


Manages security risks at a network and device level. It detects points of strain on the grid using micro regional voltage measurement, helping to predict system stress and redirecting power accordingly.

Electric Vehicles
Smart Heating
Domestic Energy Storage

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Electric Vehicles

Kaluza will enable and accelerate the electrification of transport by connecting every electric vehicle to an intelligent grid.

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Smart Heating

Kaluza works with industry-leading manufacturers of domestic heat storage devices.

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Domestic Energy Storage

Kaluza integrates with storage devices to receive real-time data from the energy system and combines it with user demands to optimise charging when carbon and prices are low.


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