The Kaluza platform is capable of coordinating and controlling millions of connected devices.  This will enable the transition to a more efficient, distributed energy system powered by 100% renewable energy. To accelerate this transition at scale, Kaluza integrates with industry-leading hardware, from electric vehicle chargers, domestic battery storage to smart heating.

Kaluza works with hardware manufacturers, energy suppliers, local grid operators and consumers to create flexibility through smart devices as part of a distributed, zero carbon grid.



With the UK and many other countries set to ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars from 2035 or earlier, large-scale adoption of electric vehicles is inevitable. Kaluza will enable and accelerate the electrification of transport by connecting every electric vehicle to an intelligent grid, reducing carbon emissions, lowering network upgrade costs and even empowering car owners to drive for free by selling energy back to the grid.


Shifting energy generation away from fossil fuels is key to the UK’s zero carbon future. Without flexibility, the electrification of heat will cause significant strain to the local network. Kaluza works with industry-leading manufacturers of domestic heat storage devices, such as Dimplex, to enable customers to store heat and use it when they need it.

The Kaluza platform empowers device users to store energy as heat in their electric heaters during off-peak hours, when electricity is at its cheapest. By intelligently managing home heating systems, Kaluza lowers energy bills for customers, while helping the grid balance supply and demand.


What if we could create reservoirs of stored energy in our homes, ready at the flick of a switch? Battery storage devices introduce new flexibility onto the grid, allowing network operators to better balance the electricity network. Device users can store surplus solar power and use during peak times, encouraging a greener lifestyle and helping create a mini power station at home. 

Kaluza integrates with storage devices to receive real-time data from the energy system and combines it with user demands to optimise charging when carbon and prices are low.


Kaluza integrates with all devices, making them smarter. We nurture partnerships to create smart solutions that will benefit device users and the wider energy networks.


A revolutionary smart charger with a variable charge rate of up to 7.4kW fast charging. Charging patterns are optimised via the Kaluza platform, importing energy when prices or carbon intensity is low, ensuring vehicles are ready when needed. Data and control over charging are available via the Kaluza app.


This world-leading domestic vehicle-to-grid charger can transform electric cars into mini power stations. Its bi-directional capability enables charging and discharging of a car’s battery at up to 6kW. Device users simply schedule their car ready-by-time, just like the the Kaluza Smart Charger, the platform will then intelligently export energy to the grid when the car doesn't need to charge, earning them money.


The Dimplex Quantum is an award winning heating solution that efficiently builds and retains heat, releasing it only when needed. Through Kaluza, network operators can offset costly and carbon intensive peaks, and could save device users up to 23% on their heating bill compared to a standard storage heater.

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