The intelligence behind a zero carbon grid

The platform

The Kaluza platform provides connections to a range of IoT enabled assets from our portfolio of world-leading hardware partners. It receives telemetry from these devices, forecasts a future state of the energy system and combines that with customer information to simulate various charging paths that the assets can take. Finally the optimised control decisions are dispatched to the individual asset.


Kaluza securely connects to a range of flexible devices in order to access telemetry data to determine the value of flexibility available at any moment to generate revenue.


Capable of remotely controlling millions of distributed devices, Kaluza actively manages consumer demand and new energy storage.


Kaluza generates revenue by analysing a range of real-time market signals to optimise the charging patterns of individual assets and determine the best action to take. Aggregation of all assets increases profitability by providing a portfolio level response.

Integrated partnerships

Integration with industry leading partners to create co-branded connected devices for third parties and their customers.

Installation Services

Experienced engineers

Capabilities across smart metering and energy device installation, covering all regions of the UK.

Integrated booking system

Giving our partners the opportunity to offer live installation appointments and booking for their customers.

End to end installation

From eligibility screening, to appointment scheduling, to real-time engineer tracking on installation day.

250+ directly employed engineers
4000+ smart meters installed per week
40+ charge points installed per week

Contact us

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