Grid & Network Operators

As the energy system undergoes profound change, grid operators are grappling with the challenge of providing a resilient service to growing numbers of network users. Mass electrification of transport and heat, powered by increasing amounts of renewable generation, is creating new grid complexities and the need for innovation.

Kaluza unlocks flexibility on the grid by intelligently controlling when smart devices consume, store and export electricity, with the potential to connect millions of devices at the residential level. By optimising electric car charge points, domestic storage systems and electric heaters, Kaluza is creating real value for distributed network operators by enabling them to alleviate grid constraints by tapping into hidden flexibility across homes.


Energy retailers are facing a number of challenges in the transition to a digitised and decarbonised grid. Due to increasing levels of decentralised energy generation, predominantly through wind and solar, energy prices are more volatile and harder for energy traders to predict. Customers are also regularly switching suppliers, incentivised by cheaper rates, potential savings via their smart devices and greener tariffs.

Kaluza’s flexibility platform is designed to securely connect highly distributed portfolios of flexible devices to the wholesale market. It provides energy retailers with an end-to-end smart energy solution with customers at its core. Offering Kaluza-integrated hardware, retailers can optimise trading based on intelligence about customer device usage gained through the platform and bespoke customer web-app. In turn, retailers are empowered to create innovative customer propositions centred around energy bill savings as consumption shifts off-peak, a unique digital experience and more renewable generation.


Customers want smarter, controllable and more cost efficient devices, this demand has resulted in more manufacturers entering the market. Kaluza partners with industry-leading manufacturers of electric vehicles, electric vehicle charging solutions, domestic energy storage systems and smart heaters. Together, Kaluza enables end users to benefit from uniquely smart hardware and software capabilities across a range of devices, creating more customer choice. 

Integrated onto Kaluza’s flexibility platform, devices are optimised to deliver new capabilities and reduce energy costs and carbon for both device users and the grid.



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